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Why OKids'Go?

Because we want you to relax being in the city with kids. Do not ask anymore yourself what we will do with the kids over the weekend, just do whatever you want to do, in case you need help open OKids’Go and will have the answer on the go. OKids’Go is a mobile application that allows you to find very easily Kid friendly places wherever you are. Just specify what you want to do and where to do it and OKids’Go will give you the answer. You can use it to plan you day in specific area around the city, but also to find a playground or playroom on the go, when you get to a point where your kids need to burn some energy. Forget about going around and try to find a proper place with your little ones bored and tired after long walking days.

"We are launching the application in Barcelona, but will get to other cities soon."

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We work every day to introduce the best and latest offer, both private and public

Geo Location

The only mobile application to find Kid Friendly Spots that integrates the information with the localization


Without excess, simple and with the info you just need, do not get lost with plenty of useless info


With attractive design, facilitating to choose based on your needs in an intuitive and visual way


Contact with the places to visit with one click from your mobile


OKids'Go born from a personal experience. For business reasons I landed in Japan with my family for a while. At that time my children were 3 years and 8 months and the need to find what to do with them, but without determining my own experience of being in a new city, led me to throw to create this application. In fact I realized that the same happens in Barcelona, my hometown, there is information from several sources, but I need something more direct, without having to constantly plan. Doing this alone was impossible, so I looked for people who believed in the idea and above all the need we want to cover.
And here we are, a group of mums with something in common, we love our city and want to enjoy it, not only us, but with our kids. It doesn't matter if you live in Barcelona or you are here to visit us, we work for you and your family to enjoy it


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